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Alternativas Energéticas Murcia S.L.

Alternativas Energéticas Murcia S.L.


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- AEM Rental Compact

Sometimes our renting customers require customized machines to cover their energy needs: a supply of telecommunication systems at major sporting events, music festivals, film productions, etc. That is why in AEM we design and manufacture ad hoc generators with dimensions adapted for reduced spaces, large tank for greater autonomy, Dual work 50-60Hz, FDS Technology...
Maximum reliability thanks to the machine systems synchronized and AEM Connect system that allows to control and monitor generators remotely.

1.  REDUCED DIMENSIONS. Ideal for situations where the installation space is the most important, for example: on truck platforms, narrow locations, etc.

2.  CUSTOMIZABLE FUEL TANKS. Already as standard with large tanks, we offer the possibility of customization to ensure long operating periods to provide uninterrupted service for many hours.

3.  SYNCHRONIZED SYSTEMS. Machines ready to work in collaboration with other gensets to guarantee a very high availability of energy in the event against power failures.

4.  FDS DUAL SYSTEMS. The Fast Dual Frequency Swapping Systems, switching between 50-60 Hz, allow in a few steps to adapt your machine to any installation without need to purchase other equipments.

5.  TAILORED FUNCTIONALITY. Custom programming of functions that allows the adaptation to the way of work of each project or needs. (Available depending on the type of control panel installed).

6.  POWER LIMITER. The power limiter makes these groups a very dynamic system in which to use a machine for several powers, avoiding the redundancy of rental equipment.


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