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Synchronized GE

The Synchronized Generating Sets are designed to work together in conjunction, with high quality cutting edge control systems, being able to synchronize from 1 to 32 machines with the same or different power allowing to have a wide range of configurations.

Their applications are very diverse: support to electrical grids, power plants, power outages control, power supply depending on demand, control of energy and fuel costs, etc. All of this intended to provide solutions where reliability and availability of electricity are key to business continuity such as in hospitals, airports, refrigeration plants, food industry, and in general for “Critical Availability Systems”.

Features: Types:

-From 1 to 32 Synchronized Machines
-Control Panel built into the Machine or Separately
-Critical Availability Systems
-Easy Maintenance
-High Reliability
-High Availability 24/07
-Easy increasing / reducting plant
-Gensets in Standby

-Isolated Synchronization
-Synchronization among gensets and Emergency use with the Grid
-Isolated and Permanent Synchronization with the Grid
-Multiple and Permanent Synchronization with the Grid
-Transitory Synchronization in emergency use with the Grid
-Multiple Synchronization of Gensets with Multiple Grids

We adapt these systems to your requirements, for further details do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.



Power Plant 3750 KVA (3 x 1250 KVA) Synch
Power Plant 1500 KVA (3 x 500 KVA) Synch
Control Panel for 3 Genset Synch with the Grid
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Alternativas Energéticas Murcia, S.L.
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Phone:(34) 968 89 22 32 Fax:(34) 968 89 28 23


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